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We are a private enterprise that specializes in the production of assembled steel bridge and modular steel bridge. My company took the lead in the adoption of a series of improved technology, such as:

advanced automatic welding robot for welding processing; four-hole boring machine for one-time four-hole pin hole processing; using large shot blasting machine closed rust-proof processing; Membrane

completed all the assembly process.

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Company for all products are self-test, mutual inspection and final

inspection, to ensure the integrity of the product process, parts

accuracy, smooth appearance, the use of security, to ensure that

products in the same industry in the quality of the dominant position

Our company has high quality, strong technical force and advanced processing,Technology, machinery and equipment

Our company has attracted the formation of the outstanding

personnel and skilled workers in the workforce, absorb the integration of the industry-wide range of advanced processing technology


We have reliable quality, efficient production, and abide by the integrity of our country as a pre-assembled steel bridge excellent supplier





Company dedicated departments to provide quality after-sales service

Quality of products from the beginning of strict control of the

material into the plant, and each process by hand supervision, in

strict accordance with the standard operation


Founded in May 2006 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, with

total assets of nearly 200 million yuan