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We are a private enterprise that specializes in the production of assembled steel bridge and modular steel bridge.




Our company is located in No. 3 North Road, ring Town, Xiaoyue Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing,

Zhejiang province. It is a private enterprise that specializes in the production of assembled steel bridge

and modular steel bridge. The company was founded in May 2006, with a registered capital of 20 million

yuan, with a total assets of nearly 200 million yuan. Business scope: design, manufacture and sale of

highway steel bridge equipment, highway construction and maintenance equipment, highway and bridge

fittings, production and sale of steel bridge materials, import and export trade and so on. Now covers an

area of 60 acres, has a standard workshop more than 2 square meters, has more than 200 employees,

including 21 professional technicians, 3 senior titles, intermediate grade 8, also hired a Chinese PLA

General Armament Department of bridge experts and technical cooperation in scientific research units.

The main products are: "321" and "HD200", "ZB200" assembly type highway steel bridge, special assembly type highway steel bridge, heavy steel bridge deck, special truss and special support frame. The annual

production capacity of each type of steel bridge is 2 million tons.


Area covered

A floor area of 60 mu



Founded in May 2006


Total assets

RMB 200 million

Our company has repeatedly supplied steel bridges and accessories to the General Logistics Department of the Chinese

People's Liberation Army in 2008. According to the announcement of the Leading Group Office of Material Procurement of the General Logistics Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA Materials Procurement Network:, our company In 2009 so far included in the total supply of qualified military suppliers list; in 2009 to become the People's Liberation Army General Armament Department Corps scientific research two research bases, in 2008 to become China Steel Structure

Association Bridge Steel Branch corporate members.

Our staff of high-quality, strong technical force, advanced processing technology, machinery and

equipment, the main welding process has been used robot welding, welding quality assurance. The

company has bending machines, shears, milling (Chong, planing, cars, drilling) bed, carbon dioxide

gas shielded welding equipment, such as more than 130 Taiwan / sets. After years of development,

our company has attracted the formation of a pool of talented people and skilled workers, absorbing all kinds of advanced processing technology in the whole industry. In this industry, our company take the lead in adopting a series of improvement processes, such as: advanced automatic welding robot

for welding process; four-hole boring machine for one-time four-hole pin hole processing; using large shot blasting machine for fully enclosed Rust processing; the use of fetal membranes to complete all

the assembly processes and so on.

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Production process by the joint punching, band sawing, cutting, welding, correction, hole processing, rust, dipping paint and other components. Quality of products from the

beginning of the strict control of the material into the plant, each batch of steel into the plant, there must be a manufacturer's product quality certificate; shear and other processes will be strictly controlled in the standard deviation range; application of mold assembly, Drilling, to ensure the accuracy and stiffness of the components; control welding room

temperature, in strict accordance with the parameters of a clear welding process; paint processing in strict accordance with the steps of rust and dust, are indispensable to ensure

the paint fastness and finish. The production process is fully guided by the technical department of the company. The quality control department conducts comprehensive quality supervision and inspection, and each process is supervised by special personnel and operated strictly according to the standard. The company conducts self-inspection, mutual

inspection and final inspection for all products, ensuring the integrity of the process, the accuracy of parts, the smoothness of appearance and the safety of use, ensuring the

superior position of products in the same industry.

Company dedicated departments to provide quality after-sales service, the company found in the course of delivery if there is failure and quality problems, will be repaired or

replaced within 10 days; the company implemented quality tracking products, provide free steel bridge erection guidance services, introduced Steel Bridge structural features,

performance, introduced steel bridge erection methods, operating procedures, safety precautions, and the use of maintenance methods.

Our products are manufactured according to the traffic industry standards of "Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway Bridges and Culverts" (JTJ041--2000) issued by the Ministry of Communications and JT / T728-2008 "Manufacturing of Highway Bridges Made of Assembled Steel Structures", and have been manufactured by engineers of the

General Armament Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Scientific research two of the testing, product quality management passed ISO9001: 9000 international

quality management system certification and ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification, with reliable quality, efficient production and abide by the integrity of China's steel bridge assembly of the outstanding suppliers. The company's products have been widely used in military, water conservancy, highways, railways and other fields,

and in Jia Shao cross River Bridge, Suiwan deep interprovincial projects, Changping Expressway, Hainan shop before the bridge, Xiang'an Airport Expressway, Zhuhai Qin Bridge,

Zeng Jiayan Jialing River Bridge and other key projects have been well received.

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